Lime House Caribbean Restaurant

Lime House Caribbean Restaurant

Lime House opened in Chinatown’s Keong Siak belt in 2013, and has since expanded with a second presence at East Coast. The atmosphere buoys the room, and the cooking looks to the Caribbean, spectacular in its complexity, flavour, and boldness. Lime House’s cocktail menu is full of colourful, fun drinks but its tight focus on the finest expressions of rum, from basic whites to molasses-coloured añejos, is the star. Together, every night is a celebration at Lime House.

We are the communications partner for Lime House Caribbean Restaurant. We have journeyed with the company through milestones such as the opening of the second branch at East Coast Road; the soft launch of the Caribbean spices; the addition of award-winning Jamaican chef, Ricardo Allen, to the restaurant group.

Working closely with the team, we established efficient communication workflows to ensure their customers enjoy the Caribbean concept of liming celebrates the art of doing nothing while sharing food, drinks, conversation and laughter.

Press Centre

5 June 2023 – Limehouse Caribbean Restaurant Launches New Brunch Menu with Award-Winning Chef Ricardo Allen Joining the Team

14 September 2022 – Embrace the Social Experience with Brunch at Lime House

17 May 2022 – Lime House Caribbean Opens Second Outlet at East Coast

16 December 2021 – Lime House Launches Festive Season with Gift Baskets Stuffed With Specialty Sauces and Caribbean Treats

Client: Lime House Caribbean Restaurant

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