1444 Logo

I grew up with the number ‘4’ being a rather prominent placement in our family, which was rather unusual for a Chinese family. In Chinese numerology, the number ‘4’ sounds like the word ‘death’ (in Mandarin and Cantonese), and hence, is often viewed as an unlucky number. Unlike auspicious number ‘8’ which is commonly associated with fortune. 

But my father was always one who charted his own path, and always felt that ‘4’ was his number. Our phone numbers all end with 1444, his work phone numbers end with 1444, and his car number plates have different variations of 4s. 

In coming up with a name for this company, I did not want a made-up word nor a word combination that would have already existed in some form in the vast playground of the internet. So I decided to adopt 1444, as a nod to my family’s heritage and a reminder that I too, shall bravely march to the beat of my own drum.

The design team was duly challenged in coming up with this logo – I wanted everything to be packed in nicely in a well-balanced logo. I like symmetry, and the team had to work around the asymmetry of the numbers. Of course, One Triple Four had some element of rebel.

The arrangement of the numbers – straight, neat, orderly – indicates our promise to clients that we will manage your projects in an efficient and productive manner. 

The one that stands out amongst the crowd represents our commitment in creating content that elevates your brand and pushes your messaging to be in the forefront. 

And secretly, I like that it looks like a mahjong tile from the bamboo family.

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